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How It Started


Thank you for visiting this legal blog.

My name is Laure Driessen; I am an LL.M. student in international and environmental law and governance at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

I have completed my Bachelor of Laws at Université Saint-Louis Brussels and my Masters at KULeuven, during which I gained considerable interest in international and European Law and especially their human rights and environmental dimensions. 

Many of the courses I followed in my academic parkour had a primary focus on international and European law,  the European Institutions, the case law of the CJEU  and the interaction of international and EU law with fundamental rights. 

Unfortunately, these are mostly very complicated subjects that require intensive research and studying to unravel their mysteries. Therefore, many of us are often unaware of their significant impact on our daily lives. Although many initiatives have been taken by the EU and other public and private initiatives to educate people, I still feel like they fail to do so comprehensively. 

Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands by publishing this legal blog. My goal is to explain the fundamental and basic principles of international and EU law in the most comprehensive way possible. Furthermore, I will look at the case law from a more practical point of view, trying to illustrate the consequences of these judgements for “you and me” in an everyday legal context. However, some cases are most relevant from a legal point of view. Thus I will stick to a (more simple) legal analysis by summarizing the facts and highlighting the most important effects of the decision. 

I encourage all my readers to ask me questions when something is unclear or if you require additional information (you can send them by mail in Dutch, French, English or German). This will undoubtedly help me to ameliorate the content of the blog. 

I genuinely hope this legal blog will spark your interest in international law and the European Union as a whole and, as such, bring it closer to your everyday lives.

Go and explore!

Yours sincerely,

Laure Driessen

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