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Recently, the utilization of RNA-Seq in breast cancer has illustrated its power in revealing the variation landscape of the breast transcriptome and in finding regulatory interactions among cancer-related molecules [29, 30]. As a powerful next-generation sequencing technology, RNA-Seq can profile a full set of transcripts including mRNAs, small RNAs, and other non-coding RNAs qualitatively and quantitatively, providing a snapshot of gene expression patterns and regulatory elements in a cell, tissue, or organism. Compared with microarrays, RNA-Seq possesses the advantages of being high-throughput, cost effective, and of having superior accuracy. In addition, without relying on prior sequence information, RNA-Seq can profile gene expression based on the entire transcript (not a few segments). It can also identify novel isoforms and exons, allele-specific expression, mutations, and fusion transcripts [31]. These advantages make it ideal for studying complex diseases, particularly cancer. Despite its growing application in breast cancer, to the best of our knowledge, the present study is the first one using RNA sequencing to screen for potential markers predicting NSLN status in patients with metastatic SLN.

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