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Buy Picture Rail Molding

If you need picture rail moldings for your building project or home renovation, trust Mouldings One for high-quality millwork. We offer a wide selection of picture rail profiles and can also mill custom designs from drawings, blueprints, or existing samples. We frequently work with architects who are restoring historic buildings. View our picture rail profiles below or request a custom millwork quote through our online form.

buy picture rail molding


Our Picture Rail Hangers feature sleek molding hooks (brass or stainless steel) that fit standard molding and hold your pictures close to the wall; Steel Cable hangers offer hanging capacity to 88 pounds, Clearline hangers are an economical alternative for works up to 34 pounds.

Gallery System picture hanging systems and picture hanging hardware are trusted in over 100,000 art hanging installations worldwide. Our friendly personal service provides each customer with the ideal art hanging system for their most demanding art display applications.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me first fill you in on what a picture rail hanging system is and some of the images and spaces that inspired me to try it out in our vintage inspired guest bedroom!

Picture rail moulding is both a decorative and functional piece of trim that sits below the ceiling. Picture moulding is designed specifically to fit hooks around and therefore function to hang art, mirrors, or other accessories on a wall.

I almost made the mistake of buying base cap molding, which is what I used for installing box molding and my recessed wainscoting accent wall. But if you compare the profiles of each, you can see there is definitely a difference!

So, being the smart people they were, builders of this time period started to install this decorative molding that was used around the top of the rooms. The profile shape for the trim leaves a small void close to the wall that allows a metal hook to hang along the top, similar to a French Cleat. You can buy all kinds of picture rail molding hooks on Amazon.

Now you can buy hooks for picture rails with different thicknesses and shapes, so test one for fit before buying multiples. A picture rail hook not made of cast brass may be re-bent or modified to fit.

Heavy items should hang from two hooks to distribute the weight from a picture rail. Picture cord, picture wire, or chain may be used to hang the artwork from the hook. Picture cord is a colorful twisted cording on wire; it passes through eyelets (screw eyes) or D-rings mounted on the back of the frame. The wire is tied together at the top, creating a triangle. A medallion or a tassel or both (with a hook built into its back) fancies up the hanging treatment. It was the vogue in some years to make the crisscrossing cords themselves into a decorative treatment.

By the 1940s the picture rail was passé, and the invisible wall hook standard. Today you might consider picture rails and hooks against wallpaper and in public rooms, along with modern hangers in halls, bathrooms, even bedrooms.

Picture rail is what you often find in older homes. It's used to hang pictures, mirrors and various kinds of artwork. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? When people come to my home, they don't recognize what this moulded picture rail is. It looks like fancy crown molding. My crown molding looks really hefty and part of that is the picture rail is attached right under the crown molding (it's almost a part of the crown molding).

So you can get a better idea of how the picture rail works, my mirror is hung from it. See the two picture rail hooks on the picture rail? I used picture hanging wire to hang the mirror from the picture rail molding. I used two hooks to distribute the weight and attached the wire to both hanging eyes on the back of the frame.

Basically, you slide on a picture hook and then you use whatever hanging medium you would like. My mirror is hung with picture hanging wire. The wire has a weight rating so I knew it would be strong enough to hold the weight of the mirror.

Here is a close-up look. Below is a simple picture of picture rail moulding in my sunroom. And the things that hook into the railing are just called picture rail hangers. My sunroom has a very simple rail approximately 2 feet from the ceiling to show off the curved walls near the ceiling. The other pictures show a more custom picture rail that is part of the crown molding.

See the gap? That's what the picture hooks get slid into. The picture hooks in the picture below came with the house. The previous owners dropped off a bag of assorted metal parts, including some of these. I treasure the contents of that bag!

I finally found where to purchase reasonably priced new ones. Here is where I purchased a variety of picture rail hooks. I was truly surprised I could buy them so easily. My advice is to buy one of a type you are interested in prior to buying a bunch.

I just install a hook, and use whatever hanging medium I'd like. I have used ribbon, picture hanging wire, and even smaller chains from the hardware store. Traditionally perlon cord was used (sometimes with a matching medallion with tassels) but I have not used that yet.

I have lath and plaster walls. It's hard to put a nail into it. Behind the plaster, it's not always all wood. I have a cement-like layer between the wood. If I hit that when hammering or drilling, it breaks off and falls between my wall. Here's what my walls look like when the plaster is taken off. This picture also shows the knob and tube wiring that I had removed from my house.If I am eyeballing the placement of the piece I'm trying to hang, I haven't put a hole in the wall that needs to be repaired. I just shorten or lengthen my chain/rope/ribbon with no damage done! I don't have to worry about primer and matching the paint either!!

I'm not a landlord, but I know a few with older homes that still have the old rail systems as part of their interior design. The tenants and the landlords don't need to worry about damage caused by tenants personalizing their living environment by hanging art! No nail holes in the plaster or drywall.

I have some architectural features that are emphasized by the placement of the rail. It also gives you more options for dividing the wall/ceiling paint colors. I'm debating painting a different color under the rail in my sunroom.

Part of my home was damaged when I purchased it. I'm looking at adding a rail in that section because I miss the convenience of it when hanging a wall decoration. Everything looks so new in that room - I feel I need to add the character back! Just so you know, you can buy picture rail molding (priced by the linear foot) at Amazon, if you can't find it at your local hardware/lumber store.

Hi Susan! How nice that your home still has its picture rails and so much beautiful molding... When I was 4-5 1/2 years old, my parents lived in Boulder, Colorado while my father was going to law school there. We lived in a beautiful Queen Anne home and I remember so many little things about that home which directly affect my decorating tastes today. Love how you've hung the mirror! It is beautiful in its spot there.

I remember my Ouma had picture rails in her home and I've always wanted them. They make life so much easier. Why oh why did we decide that it wasn't an in thing anymore. Love your beautiful home BTW Susan. It has so much character

You can still add picture rails! I had some work done on the upstairs walls in a bedroom and they had to take the original picture rail off. Instead of using crown molding, picture rail molding exists!

Rail Hooks are S-shapedpicture hanging hardwarethat can be installed in just a snap. They work as a part of a cable hanging system that consists of Picture Rail Moldings (also known as "Ogee" or "OG" molding), Loop Cords, andPicture Hooks.

Ogee or OG molding , also known as a cyma, is an S-shaped profile that consists of two tangent radii semicircular arcs. It's a decorative molding found in homes and is used for skirting, architraves, edges, etc.

Picture rail hooks are perfect if you don't want to drill holes in your wall and you already have OGEE molding or want to install it. Just hang the rail hooks onto the picture rail molding, insert the loop cords, and attach the picture hangers. That's it!

Let's say you're at home and you want to transform one room into a personal studio. You can use Rail Hooks to hang pictures or display artwork without drilling any holes. It's always a classy way of decorating your walls sans the damage.

The Gallery Kit with Zinc Picture Rail Hooks comes with a matching stainless steel wire and three types of picture hooks you can use with it. This set is perfect for folks who are going for a masculine or industrial look.

?Note: There are different types of adjustable picture hooks included in the gallery kit. Insert the loop cable to the hole and position your desired height. Tighten the hook by rotating the screw on the side.

Picture Hang Solutions specializes in professional hardware for hanging pictures. Since 2005, we have been a trusted resource for many industries that need bulk picture hanging hardware. We ship daily Monday - Friday.

DIYers on Pinterest and other websites have been devising fun ways to use picture rails in interior design for years. But when are commercial and high-end residential designers going to catch up?

Prepared to be wowed by these five unique examples of picture moulding use. Just remember that if you want to stand out and present a high-end look, you should be replacing the wood rails in these images with metal ones!

These modern picture rail ideas provide both form and function in a variety of applications. Whether you need art gallery rail mouldings, museum picture rails, or gallery rails for pictures in a high-end home, there's an idea here for you:

A designer used a picture rail hanging system to stack-layer several pieces of artwork in a Los Angeles design studio. As a result, the decorations look three-dimensional, artsy, a little messy, and very cool. 041b061a72


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