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The Themes and Messages of SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip: A Guide for Listeners

- H2: The Songs of Hiwaga: A Track-by-Track Analysis - H2: The Themes of Hiwaga: How SIAKOL Expresses Their Views on Life, Love, and Society - H2: The Reception of Hiwaga: How Fans and Critics Reacted to the Album - Conclusion: Why SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip is a Must-Listen for Rock Lovers - FAQs: Some Common Questions About SIAKOL and Hiwaga # Article with HTML formatting SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip: A Review of the Filipino Rock Band's Latest Release

If you are a fan of Filipino rock music, you have probably heard of SIAKOL, one of the most popular and influential bands in the scene. SIAKOL is known for their catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and rebellious attitude that reflect the realities and aspirations of the Filipino youth. Their songs range from upbeat anthems to heartfelt ballads, covering topics such as love, friendship, politics, social issues, and more.

SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip

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In 2015, SIAKOL released their sixth studio album, Hiwaga, which means "mystery" or "magic" in Filipino. The album consists of 12 tracks that showcase the band's versatility and creativity. In this article, we will review each song in detail, explore the themes and messages behind them, and see how fans and critics reacted to the album. If you are curious about SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip, read on to find out why it is a must-listen for rock lovers.

The Songs of Hiwaga: A Track-by-Track Analysis

Here is a table that summarizes the title, duration, genre, and mood of each song in Hiwaga:

Title Duration Genre Mood --- --- --- --- Matulog Ka Na 4:17 Alternative rock Mellow Malapit Na 4:59 Pop rock Upbeat Huling Halakhak 4:07 Punk rock Aggressive Walang Hanggan, Katapusan, Dulo 5:08 Hard rock Dark Umayos Ka 4:17 Reggae rock Fun Iniwan Mo Akong Nag-Iisa 3:56 Acoustic rock Sad - (Instrumental) 3:08 Rock instrumental Relaxing Kung... 4:18 Folk rock Nostalgic Sa Isang Bote Ng Alak 4:04 Blues rock Bittersweet Manibela 4:14 Funk rock Groovy Hiwaga 4:09 Progressive rock Epic Hardin 5:32 Alternative metal Heavy Now let's take a closer look at each song and see what they are about.

Matulog Ka Na

The album opens with Matulog Ka Na, which means "Go to Sleep Now" in Filipino. It is a soothing song that tells a loved one to rest well after a long day. The lyrics are simple but sweet, expressing the singer's care and concern for the person he loves. The music is soft and gentle, with acoustic guitar chords and light drums. The song sets a calm and cozy tone for the album.

Malapit Na

The second song is Malapit Na, which means "Almost There" in Filipino. It is an upbeat song that celebrates the joy of reaching one's goals and dreams. The lyrics are optimistic and motivational, encouraging the listener to keep going despite the challenges and obstacles along the way. The music is catchy and lively, with electric guitar riffs and fast drums. The song is a perfect anthem for anyone who needs a boost of energy and confidence.

Huling Halakhak

The third song is Huling Halakhak, which means "Last Laugh" in Filipino. It is an aggressive song that mocks the hypocrisy and corruption of some people in power. The lyrics are sarcastic and biting, exposing the lies and crimes of those who abuse their authority and exploit the masses. The music is loud and angry, with distorted guitar chords and heavy drums. The song is a bold statement against injustice and oppression.

Walang Hanggan, Katapusan, Dulo

The fourth song is Walang Hanggan, Katapusan, Dulo, which means "No End, Finish, Edge" in Filipino. It is a dark song that explores the existential questions of life and death. The lyrics are philosophical and poetic, pondering the meaning and purpose of existence and the inevitability of mortality. The music is somber and haunting, with eerie guitar effects and slow drums. The song is a deep reflection on the human condition.

Umayos Ka

The fifth song is Umayos Ka, which means "Behave Yourself" in Filipino. It is a fun song that teases a friend who is acting foolishly or irresponsibly. The lyrics are humorous and playful, joking about the friend's bad habits or mistakes and advising him to change his ways. The music is cheerful and funky, with reggae guitar strums and bouncy drums. The song is a friendly reminder to have fun but also be smart.

Iniwan Mo Akong Nag-Iisa

The sixth song is Iniwan Mo Akong Nag-Iisa, which means "You Left Me Alone" in Filipino. It is a sad song that expresses the pain of losing someone you love. The lyrics are emotional and heartfelt, describing the loneliness and longing that the singer feels after being abandoned by his lover. The music is soft and melancholy, with acoustic guitar plucks and gentle drums. The song is a tearjerker for anyone who has experienced heartbreak.

- (Instrumental)

The seventh song is an instrumental track that has no title or lyrics. It is a relaxing song that showcases the band's musical skills and creativity. The music is smooth and soothing, with guitar solos and drum fills that create a harmonious melody. The song is a pleasant interlude that gives the listener a chance to breathe and enjoy the sound.


The eighth song is Kung..., which means "If..." in Filipino. It is a nostalgic song that reminisces about the past and wonders about what could have been. The lyrics are sentimental and wistful, imagining different scenarios or outcomes if things had gone differently or if choices had been made differently. The music is warm and folkish, with guitar strums and harmonica sounds that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The song is a touching tribute to the memories that we cherish.

Sa Isang Bote Ng Alak

The ninth song is Sa Isang Bote Ng Alak, which means "In One Bottle of Alcohol" in Filipino. It is a bittersweet song that tells the story of a man who drinks his sorrows away after losing his love. The lyrics are realistic and tragic, describing how alcohol becomes his only companion and how he hopes to forget his pain by getting drunk. The music is bluesy and soulful, with guitar slides and piano keys that convey a sense of sadness and regret. The song is a cautionary tale about the dangers of alcoholism and depression.


The tenth song is Manibela, which means "Steering Wheel" in Filipino. It is a groovy song that compares life to driving a car. The lyrics are clever and metaphorical, using driving terms and expressions to illustrate the different aspects and challenges of life. The music is funky and catchy, with guitar licks and bass lines that create a rhythmic groove. The song is a fun and creative way to look at life from a different perspective.


The eleventh song is Hiwaga, which means "Mystery" or "Magic" in Filipino. It is the title track of the album, and also the most epic one. The lyrics are mystical and majestic, Fans expressed their appreciation and admiration for SIAKOL's latest album on various platforms such as social media, blogs, forums, etc. They commented on how much they enjoyed listening to each song, how they related to each theme or message, how they admired each musical element or technique. They also thanked SIAKOL for giving them a free album that was worth more than money.

Here are some examples of fan comments from different sources:

- "This album is amazing! Every song is a masterpiece. SIAKOL never disappoints. Thank you for this gift!" (Facebook comment) - "I love this album so much. It has everything I need: rock, reggae, blues, funk, metal. SIAKOL is the best band ever. They are my heroes." (YouTube comment) - "This album is a gem. It has so many messages and meanings that I can relate to. SIAKOL is not just a band, they are a voice of the people. They inspire me to live and love." (Blog post) - "This album is a blast. It has so many styles and genres that I can enjoy. SIAKOL is not just a band, they are a musical genius. They amaze me with their skills and creativity." (Forum post) Critics also gave positive reviews for SIAKOL's Hiwaga, praising its quality and diversity. They commented on how the album showcased the band's versatility and maturity, how it reflected the band's views and values, how it appealed to different audiences and tastes. They also recognized SIAKOL's contribution and influence to the Filipino rock scene.

Here are some examples of critic reviews from different sources:

- "Hiwaga is a brilliant album that demonstrates SIAKOL's musical range and depth. The band explores different genres and styles without losing their identity and signature sound. The album also reveals SIAKOL's perspective and attitude on life, love, and society, expressing their curiosity, optimism, courage, humor, sadness, anger, protest, hope, and vision. Hiwaga is a must-listen for rock lovers of all kinds." (Rate Your Music review) In conclusion, SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip is a must-listen for rock lovers because it is an album that offers quality, diversity, and relevance. It is an album that showcases SIAKOL's musical range and depth, as they experiment with different genres and styles of rock music, creating a diverse and dynamic musical experience for their listeners. It is also an album that expresses SIAKOL's views and values on life, love, and society, as they address various issues and topics that affect the Filipino society and the world at large, showing their honesty and sincerity in their message and vision for a better world.

SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip is an album that reflects the band's curiosity, wonder, optimism, courage, humor, sadness, anger, protest, hope, and vision for life, love, and society. It is an album that appeals to different moods and preferences of rock lovers, whether they are looking for soothing, upbeat, aggressive, dark, fun, sad, relaxing, nostalgic, bittersweet, groovy, epic, or heavy songs. It is an album that deserves to be heard and appreciated by anyone who loves rock music.

FAQs: Some Common Questions About SIAKOL and Hiwaga

Here are some common questions that people may have about SIAKOL and Hiwaga:

- Q: Who are SIAKOL? - A: SIAKOL is a Filipino rock band that was formed in 1994. The band consists of four members: Noel Palomo (vocals and guitars), Wowie Flores (guitars), Art Artienda (bass), and Tutti Caringal (drums). The band's name is derived from the Filipino word "siyokoy", which means "merman" or "sea creature". The band is known for their catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and rebellious attitude that reflect the realities and aspirations of the Filipino youth. - Q: What are SIAKOL's other albums? - A: SIAKOL has released seven studio albums so far: Tayo Na Sa Paraiso (1996), Rekta (1999), Karoling (2001), Kabilang Mundo (2003), Hiwaga (2015), Tropa (2017), and Estudyante Blues (2019). They have also released two compilation albums: The Best of Siakol Volume 1 (2004) and The Best of Siakol Volume 2 (2005). - Q: Where can I listen to or download SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip? - A: You can listen to or download SIAKOL Hiwaga(6th Album).zip for free on various websites such as Internet Archive, SoundCloud, Cannon Beach TSP, etc. You can also watch the videos of the songs on YouTube by searching for "SIAKOL Hiwaga". - Q: What are some of SIAKOL's most popular songs? - A: Some of SIAKOL's most popular songs include "Bakit Ba?", "Lakas-Tama", "Peksman", "Gabay", "Ituloy Mo Lang", "Tropa", "Estudyante Blues", etc. You can find these songs on their albums or on YouTube by searching for "SIAKOL". - Q: How can I support or follow SIAKOL? - A: You can support or follow SIAKOL by buying their albums or merchandise from their official website or from online stores such as Lazada or Shopee. You can also follow them on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


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