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Shuttle Pro Drivers For Mac

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Shuttle Pro Drivers For Mac

The Shuttle Pro V2 features a spring-loaded jog wheel and a shuttle dial. This allows both variable speed timeline scrubbing and an increment-by-increment timeline navigation, allowing you to find the perfect spot for your edit, quickly and efficiently.

Please follow the steps below carefully to properly uninstall any previous Shuttle drivers and install the macOS driver. These steps differ from previous instructions we have provided for earlier versions of macOS.

In version 11.1 onwards we have added hardware support for Blackmagic and AJA I/O devices. If the drivers for the Blackmagic or AJA device are installed, Lightworks will by default use the device for outputting audio, it will no longer use the on board sound device in the system. You can change whether Lightworks uses the Hardware I/O or System Audio in the System Settings panel on the project browser screen.

The ShuttleXpress (MSRP $59.95) is a smaller version of the ShuttlePRO, designed for traveling editors or those for whom space is at a premium. About half the size of the ShuttlePRO, the Xpress has five large buttons spaced around the circumference, along with a jog wheel and spring-loaded shuttle ring at the center.

The reason the Shuttle exists at all is because of its shuttle ring and jog wheel. Turning the center jog wheel smoothly moves the playhead one frame at a time left or right. Twisting the spring-loaded shuttle ring quickly moves the playhead left or right; the speed of which is determined by how far you move the shuttle ring.

When I switched from the ShuttlePRO to the XPress, I got the same smooth scrolling using the shuttle ring, but the jog wheel uses a stronger detent, so the jogging is not as smooth. Also, the unit is lighter, which makes it want to move on the desktop. Contour Design could fix this by adding bigger rubber pads to the bottom to make it less likely to slip.

First, I LOVE the shuttle ring and jog wheel. Once I realized that this is designed to run in conjunction with the mouse, the speed and efficiency of scrolling through the timeline and clips is just delightful. (I just wish the ShuttleXPress could use the same jog wheel that the ShuttlePRO does.)

It sounds like it's a very reasonably priced product that would really help with editing. Has anybody tried this product Does it work with HitFilm Specifically, does the job/shuttle wheel work properly Or can you recommend any others that work with Macs

What you'll need to do is go into the key map software that comes with the shuttle pro and assign custom key macros to the buttons. Hitfilm's keyboard shortcuts can be found by going to the File Menu, then hitting the Options button, then the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. You'll want to look at those while programming the shuttle pro.

The CSP can be treated as a simple programmable keyboard, and you can program functions for any program you want. You could even (for example) set it up for web browsing, using the shuttle/jog wheel to scroll pages and settings up keys for back/forward, etc...

I just purchased a Contour Shuttle Pro V2. ( ) Software/drivers installed fine but when I attempt to run the control panel (where you configure what the buttons do) I get a popup from Malwarebytes and it quarantines the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Contour Shuttle\ContourShuttle.cpl" file.

The ShuttlePro only reproduces keystrokes, so the scrubbing feature that I and others have hoped for just will not work. Shuttle Drivers The Shuttle driver for macOS Big Sur is currently in beta testing and available for download here.The goal of this project is to use the Shuttle Pro V2 with the Lightworks Non-Linear Video Editor, but shuttle-go allows you to control anything. Two key problems worth putting in one spot here: Linux driver for Contour Design Shuttle Pro V2. Now, I am not in the habit of reinstalling drivers every day just to get it to work. Reinstalled the drivers, and it worked again. MYOB did, Outlook did, Firefox did


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