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Daniel Flores

Lantek Expert 28 REPACK

the lantek group is a market leader in the field of technology services and software for the industries of metal production, metal processing, and the automotive and construction industries. the company, headquartered in pforzheim, germany, has two global subsidiaries: lantek software gmbh in munich, germany, and techservice gmbh in pforzheim, germany. lantek software gmbh is a sales and service partner for the lantek group, providing lantek's software solutions.

Lantek Expert 28

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lantek is therefore also the ideal partner for your software needs. with our extensive knowledge and many years of experience we will help you to develop your business-critical software applications. we work closely with you to guarantee that your business requirements are met by an efficient and powerful software system.

the global release 2021 is a breakthrough for lantek in the marketplace with over 30 new functionalities. the company is well known for its extensive support service. even though this is the third major release of lantek's global release strategy, it is the first time that lantek has a product launch all around the world. the new global release will be launched in september 2021, the same day as the expected release of the first lantek mobile app for ios and android. it is an ideal opportunity for the company to introduce its new factory management software in a network of more than 150 countries. we expect that around 80 countries will be represented by about 1,000 lantek dealers at the launch.


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