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Grandmaster Repertoire - The Dragon - Vol. 1 by Gawain Jones

Grandmaster Repertoire - The Dragon - Vol. 1 by Gawain Jones

This is a book review of Grandmaster Repertoire - The Dragon - Vol. 1 by Gawain Jones, published by Quality Chess in 2015. The book is a comprehensive guide to the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defence, one of the most exciting and sharp chess openings. The author is a world-class Dragon specialist who has played this opening successfully against top-level opposition. He explains the key concepts and supports his recommendations with cutting-edge analysis.

The book covers the Soltis Variation (9.Bc4), the Topalov Variation (9.g4) and the main line Yugoslav Attack (9.0-0-0) of the Dragon. It also deals with various sidelines and move order issues. The book is divided into 15 chapters, each focusing on a different variation or theme. The author provides plenty of original ideas, novelties and improvements over existing theory. He also illustrates the typical tactics, strategies and motifs of the Dragon with instructive examples and exercises.



The book is aimed at players of all levels who want to learn or improve their Dragon repertoire. It is written in a clear and engaging style, with a good balance between explanations and variations. The book is well-organized and easy to navigate, with a move order guide, a bibliography, a variation index and a symbol key. The book is also richly illustrated with diagrams and photos.

Grandmaster Repertoire - The Dragon - Vol. 1 by Gawain Jones is an essential resource for Dragon enthusiasts and a must-have for any chess lover who enjoys dynamic and complex positions. It is one of the best books on the Dragon ever written and a worthy addition to the Grandmaster Repertoire series.Here are some more paragraphs for the article:

The Dragon is one of the most thrilling chess openings and a favorite of attacking players. But can this sharp and provocative system still be played in the modern era? GM Gawain Jones says "Yes!" In this two-volume work, he shows how the Dragon can survive and thrive against the latest theoretical developments and computer analysis. He also reveals some of his own secrets and preparations that he has used in his successful career.

The author has a deep understanding of the Dragon as a lifelong exponent. He has faced many of the world's best players with this opening, including Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Hikaru Nakamura and Vishy Anand. He shares his insights and experiences with the reader, giving practical advice on how to handle different types of positions and opponents. He also explains the typical plans and ideas for both sides, as well as the critical moments and key decisions that can decide the outcome of the game.

The book is not only a theoretical manual, but also a guide to the Dragon culture and history. The author traces the origins and evolution of the opening, from its early proponents such as Alexander Alekhine and Paul Keres, to its modern champions such as Peter Svidler and Sergey Karjakin. He also pays tribute to some of the legendary Dragon warriors of the past, such as Jonathan Mestel, Eduard Gufeld and Dragoljub Velimirovic. He also includes some of his own games and anecdotes that illustrate the spirit and beauty of the Dragon. 0efd9a6b88


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