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[S1E7] Game Over


The last-minute switcheroo to reveal that everything that happened was all part of version 2 of Michelle's videogame took me by surprise. However, it also suggested that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk want the Murder House to still be alive in the franchise.

You can only spend so much time in the one place before it becomes monotonous, and Ben Harmon had been in the house too long. He was ready to pass over, but people like Ruby were more concerned about killing every single freaking Halloween.

Guest CastSpecial Guest StarsDylan McDermott as In-game Ben HarmonSierra McCormick as In-game Scarlett WinslowKaia Gerber as In-game Ruby McDanielMercedes Mason as MichelleNicolas Betchel as RorySupporting CastMerrin Dungey as In-game Dr. Andi GrantNoah Cyrus as ConnieAdam Hagenbuch as DylanJamie Brewer as In-game Adelaide LangdonJohn Brotherton as StevenTom Lenk as Tim WilliamsParis Jackson as In-game MayaSelena Sloan as In-game ErinAshley Martin Carter as In-game RowenaValerie Loo as In-game NicoleCo-StarringHarrison Xu as In-game WilliamEfrangeliz Medina as JannaAngela Halili as KateTabitha Petrini as MikaKelly Róisín as In-game GladysAaron Coleman as DriverKimberly Cheng as ReporterDavid St. James as NeighborShane Carpenter as In-game InfantataLuke Sonderman as In-game Ginger Twin #1Jackson Unvert as In-game Ginger Twin #2Christine Heneise as NeighborCory Patt as LumberJack

At the top of the stairs, Adelaide shoots Dylan in the head, saying "I told you, you dumb bitch. You're gonna die in here.". Connie is confused, as she remembers from the television episode where Adelaide died that she was outside the property line and should not be a ghost. Adelaide responds that they have come from all over for a special occasion: "the day you die".

Twisty the Clown and Bloody Face corner Connie on the stairs, and the woman screams for them to stop and that none of them should be there. Twisty fatally bludgeons Connie and her body dissolves into static. A video game banner displays "You were killed by Twisty the Clown; you are now trapped in the Murder House forever. Game Over.".

Rory complains to the video game developer (his mother, Michelle) about the sluggish controls and the inconsistencies between the show and the game's events. Particularly he notes that AHS fans will be upset about Adelaide's status and the non-sequitor characters from non-Murder House seasons in that environment. He goes on to detail why fans are drawn to the Murder House plotline because the victims are trapped based on their own human failings. He prepares to leave, and his apologetic mother is confused about his reaction. She has committed all her resources to building this game, and hoped that she and Rory could bond over it. He replies that she could have simply watched the show with him and that she doesn't get the "vibe". He says that he will be staying with his father, as things in the house have gotten strange lately.

Michelle spends the next days binge watching American Horror Story, and enlists Tim Williams to show her the Murder House property. He discloses the 9 bodies recently discovered, and Michelle responds that she also knows about Ruby's recent corpse. Tim is frustrated that no one has been willing to purchase the house, and believes in the listing. Given the low value of the property, Michelle tells him that she will invest in it for $100,000.

On Halloween, Michelle brings clothes to her ex-husband's (Steven) house where Rory has been staying. She says she will be gone for a few weeks at a convention where she will hear from the writers of American Horror Story what the themes are all about. Steven is upset that Michelle is overcommitting to her project, and feels she will bankrupt herself getting lost in it. She rebuffs him, reminding him that they aren't married anymore and that her ambition is not his business. Rory insists that Michelle has nothing to prove to him.

The ghosts return as day begins to break, and Scarlett prepares to leave. The


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