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Leica Liscad 10: A Powerful Software for Surveying and Engineering

Leica Liscad 10: A Powerful Software for Surveying and Engineering

Leica Liscad 10 is a modular software suite that offers a range of tools and features for surveyors and engineers. Whether you need to transfer data from field devices, create digital terrain models, design roads and profiles, compute earthworks volumes, or visualise your project in 3D, Leica Liscad 10 can help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

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Leica Liscad 10 is compatible with various software systems and formats, such as AutoCAD DWG, MicroStation DGN, LandXML, and point cloud data. You can also import orthophotos, satellite images, and maps to enhance your plan and map production process. Leica Liscad 10 also supports data from total stations, data loggers, GPS receivers, and digital levels from Leica Geosystems and other well-known brands.

Leica Liscad 10 consists of several modules that you can choose according to your needs. Some of the available modules are:

  • Input and Output: transfer data to and from field devices and software systems.

  • Survey Live: perform real-time field surveying and stakeout using total stations and GNSS receivers.

  • Point Cloud: import, view, edit, and digitise point cloud data.

  • Computations: perform geodetic coordinate geometry (COGO) computations based on a selected map projection.

  • Least Squares Adjustment: adjust field surveying measurements with a rigorous least squares solution.

  • Transformations: transform between any projections or compute least squares transformations from coordinate sets.

  • Digital Terrain Modelling: create and edit digital terrain models and contours.

  • Profiles and Design: create and edit long section and cross sections for CAD output and end area volumes.

  • Earthworks Volumes: compute earthworks volume between surfaces, determine surface intersections, create height difference data sets, and calculate progressive volumes.

  • Background Images: import georeferenced raster images for correlation and digitising.

  • 3D Visualisation: view your project in a realistic 3D environment with colours, textures, and background images.

  • Resource Editor: create or edit your own symbols, line styles, and fonts for use in all the LISCAD modules.

  • CAD: enhance your plan and map production process with CAD features designed specifically for surveyors and engineers.

If you are looking for a software that can handle all your surveying and engineering tasks with ease and efficiency, look no further than Leica Liscad 10. To learn more about Leica Liscad 10 or to request a free trial, visit

Leica Liscad 10 is not only a powerful software for surveying and engineering, but also a user-friendly and flexible one. You can customise your user interface, menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts to suit your preferences and workflow. You can also work in multiple windows and views, zoom and pan with ease, and use drag and drop functionality to move data between modules.

Leica Liscad 10 also offers a high level of accuracy and quality control for your data and results. You can perform various checks and validations on your data, such as blunder detection, error propagation, datum transformation, and coordinate precision. You can also generate comprehensive reports and plots for your computations, adjustments, models, designs, and volumes.

Leica Liscad 10 is a software that can grow with your needs and projects. You can add or remove modules as you require, or upgrade to the latest version with new features and enhancements. You can also benefit from the support and training provided by Leica Geosystems and its partners, as well as the online resources and community forums available on the website. e0e6b7cb5c


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