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How to Download and Use Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book Lesson Files

If you want to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator CS6, one of the best resources available is the official Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book. This book contains 15 lessons that cover the basics and beyond, providing countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program.

But before you can start learning, you need to download and use the lesson files that accompany the book. These files contain the artwork and other assets that you will need to complete the exercises in each chapter. In this article, we will show you how to find, download, and use these lesson files.

Step 1: Find the Lesson Files

The lesson files for Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book are available online from the publisher's website. To access them, you need to have an account with O'Reilly Media, which is free to create. You also need to have purchased or borrowed a copy of the book, either in print or digital format.

Once you have an account and a copy of the book, go to this page and log in with your credentials. You will see a link to download the lesson files as a ZIP archive. Click on it and save it to your computer.

Step 2: Extract the Lesson Files

After downloading the ZIP archive, you need to extract its contents to a folder on your computer. You can use any software that can handle ZIP files, such as WinZip, WinRAR, or 7-Zip. Alternatively, you can use the built-in extraction feature of your operating system.

To extract the lesson files using Windows, right-click on the ZIP archive and choose "Extract All". Choose a destination folder for the extracted files and click "Extract". To extract the lesson files using Mac OS X, double-click on the ZIP archive and it will automatically create a folder with the same name as the archive.

Step 3: Use the Lesson Files

Once you have extracted the lesson files, you can start using them with Adobe Illustrator CS6. Each lesson has its own subfolder within the main folder, named according to the chapter number and title. For example, the subfolder for Chapter 1 is called "01_Getting_to_Know_the_Work_Area".

In each subfolder, you will find one or more AI files that contain the artwork for that lesson. You will also find other types of files, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, or SVG, that are used as reference or source material. To open an AI file with Adobe Illustrator CS6, simply double-click on it or drag it onto the Illustrator icon.

As you follow along with the book, you will be instructed to open, modify, save, and export these files as part of your learning process. Make sure to save your work frequently and use different file names if you want to keep multiple versions of your work.


Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book is a great way to learn how to use this powerful vector graphics software. But before you can dive into the lessons, you need to download and use the lesson files that come with the book. By following these simple steps, you will be able to access and work with these files without any hassle. ec8f644aee


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