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DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9: A Musical Journey

DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9: A Musical Journey

DJ VJ Magrao is a Brazilian DJ and video mixer who has been creating videomixes since 2005. His videomixes are compilations of popular songs and videos that are synchronized and blended together to create a seamless and entertaining mix. His videomixes cover various genres such as pop, dance, rock, hip-hop, and Latin music.

DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9 (2011) [DVD5][NTSC]

One of his most acclaimed works is the Videomix Volume 9, released in 2011. This videomix features 46 songs and videos from artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, Adele, and more. The videomix is divided into four parts: Intro, Dance Part 1, Dance Part 2, and Bonus Mix. The total duration of the videomix is 1 hour and 19 minutes.

The Videomix Volume 9 showcases DJ VJ Magrao's skills and creativity in mixing audio and video elements. He uses various techniques such as transitions, effects, overlays, mashups, remixes, and edits to create a dynamic and engaging musical journey. The videomix is not only a collection of songs and videos, but also a visual and auditory experience that reflects the mood and style of each song.

The Videomix Volume 9 is available on DVD format with NTSC encoding. It can be played on any DVD player or computer that supports this format. The DVD also includes a menu that allows the user to select the desired part of the videomix or play it from the beginning. The DVD cover features a colorful and futuristic design that matches the theme of the videomix.

DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9 is a must-have for fans of music videos and videomixes. It is a perfect way to enjoy some of the best songs and videos of 2011 in a new and exciting way. It is also a great example of DJ VJ Magrao's talent and passion for creating videomixes that are fun, original, and impressive.DJ VJ Magrao is not only a DJ and video mixer, but also a producer and director. He has created several videomixes for TV shows, events, and festivals. He has also collaborated with other DJs and artists to produce original songs and videos. Some of his notable works include the Festa Mix series, the 80's Megamix series, the Videomix 80's series, and the Videomix 90's series.

One of the reasons why DJ VJ Magrao's videomixes are so popular and appreciated is that he pays attention to the details and quality of his work. He carefully selects the songs and videos that he uses, making sure that they are compatible and complementary. He also edits and adjusts the audio and video tracks to ensure that they are synchronized and balanced. He adds his own touch and style to each videomix, making them unique and distinctive.

DJ VJ Magrao's videomixes are not only entertaining, but also educational. They introduce the viewers to different genres and artists of music, as well as different cultures and trends. They also show the evolution and history of music and music videos over the years. They are a great way to discover new songs and videos, or to revisit old favorites. 29c81ba772


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