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Gods Eater 2 English Patch ##HOT## Download

Gods Eater 2 English Patch Download >

Gods Eater 2 English Patch ##HOT## Download

Here's the link for Update, hopefully next time i can post the DLC for God Eater 2 (only if God Eater 2 officially release the DLC and i got the link from any websites). Then again, one thing that you must remember before posting a comment to this article "THIS IS NOT ABOUT SHARING ENGLISH PATCH" or anything related to that, I won't even publish your question related to that and I hope all of you are smart enough to use Google to find it the whatever English patch or when the game get localization by yourself 1.01 (20/11/2013) pass: progamersdiary changelog: increase money reward by 10 %1.1 (20/12/2013) I'm not uploading this update and credit goes to original uploader which is I found it on God Eater Wiki sites. changelog: including new santa outfit for male & female, rebalancing gun damage, fix some bugs, new missions, etc1.2 2014 (Credit Goes To Original Uploader)Again for this patch I'm not uploading it, i found it yesterday but can't upload it due to the worst connection from my internet (probably the worst weather/rain that happened about two weeks until now).changelog: this whole update contains update 1.2 and a packs of dlc such as Shinpachi (Gintama) costume, additional Story (Lindow), some dlc missions, etc . Well I hope you enjoy it the new dlc and don't forget to say thanks to the original uploader (only if you know about him or her).1.3 2014 (Credit Goes To Nicoblog)Sorry for the late update, I'm so busy in IRL & with my Nintendo 3DS games so i'm really forget about upcoming 1.3 patch for God Eater 2. I already download it from nicoblog and it works on 6.60 PRO C2.changelog: including new DLC Tiger & Bunny (Wild Tiger as male protagonist costume & Barnaby as female protagonist costume). DLC1.4 (credit goes to Nicoblog) change log 1.4: further detail can be seen on here .God Eater Burst Old Costume (password: progamersdiary)Contains old God Eater Burst uniform for protagonist (male & female) and old suits for any returning npc from God Eater Burst like : Kouta, Alissa, Soma & Kanon. You can get the old uniform for your character through buying it from the store (+ around 100 fc) . For the returning NPC , it 's about the same like how you choose the casual suit or Blood suit for the new NPC in God Eater 2 (You will see the old npc now have 2 names when your add them to the party)Ciel Outfit Contains Ciel Outfit for female protagonist (no preview image added here since my character is male). December DLC Pack (pass: progamersdiary) Contains DLC costume Idolmaster Alissa - Music Weapon, DLC Mission - Reunion, DLC costume Gilbert note for December DLC Pack: extract into your latest update folderHow to put it Extract and then put the NPJH50832 folder into your GAME folder in your memory card (PSP/GAME). Problem : For All CFW user , Do not remove or overwrite your NPJH50832 folder (update 1.10) with NPJH50832 folder (contains DLC costumes), because the update must remain in your memory card to running the game & DLC.Solution : Copy all *.edat format from the DLC folder (remember just copy all *.edat format) into your NPJH50832 update folder in your PSP/GAME directory. How to patch Almost the same like patching update on Toukiden game that i wrote on Toukiden Update Patch article. You can see on Toukiden update patch article -update-patch-from-101-102-103.html#more .How do we know that the game already patched There should be notification in lobby that you successfully update this game into the latest update. Data Importation & Carry Over previous equipments from God Eater Burst To God Eater 2To carry over your previous equipments from your God Eater Burst game , you will need God Eater Burst Japan Save data, if you don't have that and only playing either on US/EU God Eater Burst then you must convert it to Japan region. Here you can follow the step by step _NA.2FEU_savedata_to_JP_savedata , You will need God Eater Burst Japan region in order to convert your US/


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