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Drones Fsx Descarga

BQM-95 Highspeed Target Drone Package. A modification of Mike Stone's Stoneair Flipper, as a high-speed target drone. Includes new textures for two Air Force drones and two Navy drones, new FDE and configuration file with FSX default sound and effect - a flare towbody effect devised by Dereck Swanson for the Jindivik drone from default effects. Recommended for use with the AI Formation tool. For ease of installation, all files are included. By Mike Barnes.

Drones Fsx Descarga

TacPack comes with an ever-improving AI system which includes the ability to spawn assets into the sim directly from within FSX/P3D. These include vessels such aircraft carriers (carrier models not included, but works with any payware or freeware ships) which can be armed with point defense systems and navigation aids, SAM sites, refueling tankers, and drones. An in-game menu system lets you spawn the AI at relative positions from ownship and optionally assign teams to them. Setting up a scenario can be as simple as plopping them down in front of the aircraft, or as complex as writing a TacPack scenario file to deploy them automatically with each flight.


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