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Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores

Guy Dancin (Audio) UPD

My best NYE was 1982 into '83. I was 19. Having returned to NYC after spending Christmas in Baltimore, my friend Paul had me and our homegirls Lourdes, Camille and Michelle meet him in Rockefeller Center. From there we trooped to the center of Times Square to watch the ball drop. We bought our own champagne that we drank from the bottle. The laws were lax and there were no television crews filming pop music specials. Afterwards we journeyed to to infamous night spot Danceteria located at 30 West 21st Street. We got in without a problem and as soon as I saw a muscled guy dancing on a bar with a yellow boa constrictor around his neck I knew I'd found my people. At the end of the night we wound-up at S.G.S. Donuts on 23rd Street and 8th Avenue where we witnessed a knife fight between two drunk guys. We ran out before any blood was spilled.

Guy Dancin (Audio)



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