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In Causing a Commotion, the minor niners enter the media immersion room and notice Connor has a lamp by his desk. He explains that it helps his eyes. Alli comments that it makes them look like freaks. The Shep enters the room to ask the favor of making his principal of the year video of quotes from students. Alli and K.C. volunteer. As Shep walks across the classroom, he trips on the lamp cord. Shep tells Connor it's a hazard and that he must have a doctor's note if he needs it so bad. Since he doesn't, the Shep tells him to try to be a little more normal. Clare comes to his defense, saying she thinks Connor should keep his lamp because he needs it. Shep says it would be unfair to let one student have one and no others because they can't have preferential treatment. Clare responds that's true unless he's a football player. Some of the class whispers at the comment. Shep gives her detention. She says he can't give her a detention for having a point of view and he says he can because he's the principal. While Alli films Clare for the principal of the year video, Clare says that he said to "be more normal" to Connor. She asks the camera if that's the advice principal of the year should give his students. Alli shuts it off and says the video is supposed to show why Shep does deserve the award. Clare says he doesn't. Alli asks if she's still on about the lamp and Clare says it's not about the lamp; it's about individual differences. Alli asks if she's gonna protest and Clare smiles at the idea. Alli asks again but Derek and Bruce show up and take Alli's camera. She takes it back as K.C. walks up behind Clare and Alli and says to buy their own. They walk away, saying "whatever" and pushing him. This gives Clare the idea to take down Shep as a group. Alli asks if one detention wasn't enough. Later, Clare puts lamps at everyone's desks. Alli tells her she's about to get everyone in trouble. Shep, with Simpson in tow, walks in and asks how the video is going. He looks around and sees the lamps. He gets mad and asks what he said yesterday. Clare says he said he couldn't make an exception for one student. As she says this, Mr. Simpson proudly smiles. Shep looks back at him and his smile fades. Clare says he doesn't have to make an exception now. Shep orders everyone to take the lamps off their desks. No one does anything and Clare says not unless Connor can keep his. Shep says there's no room for negotiation and repeats his demand. No one does it so he gives them all detention. The class, especially K.C. looks upset and Shep says to be sure to thank Miss Edwards. Simpson looks uncomfortable and Alli says "nice one, Saint Clare." Clare's anger towards Shep grows. Later, in detention with the rest of the gifted class, Connor taps his pencil and annoys everyone, especially Alli. Clare tells Alli that they could involve the school board about Shep. Alli tells her that they need to serve this detention first. Mr. Perino gets a call and leaves the room. After Alli tells Connor to stop tapping and he doesn't, she gets up and tells him to stop. Clare tells her to leave him alone but she takes his pencil. Connor spits on her and this causes Alli to call him a freak and break his pencil, sending him into a rage. He pushes her to the ground and runs away after Perino says he's in trouble. Clare follows him out of the room. Clare waits outside the principal's office and K.C. comes up to her and tells her that Alli is okay, not that she would care. She asks what that is supposed to mean. He says he knows Connor is her friend but she can't defend him pushing Alli. She asks if he's ever had his face pushed into a puddle of mud while people stood around and laughed. K.C. looks away. Clare says he wouldn't understand. Just then, Connor shouts that he isn't apologizing to Alli and runs out of the office. Clare and K.C. overheard Simpson assuring Shep that Connor is a good kid but they need to wait for the test results. Shep is hesitant and says he wo


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