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Peter said: "Maybe Kasabian's testimony isn't fabricated to make her less culpable, but rather to make it seeem like she witnessed more than she actually did so that she was a more valuable witness for the prosecution.."'Sadie's Stroll' which is my shorthand way to describe that event that begins with Frykowski falling into the bushes and includes the 'Sadie make it stop' comment is really only corroborated by the broken bush, which I used to believe made Kasabian's tale more probable then not. How I missed this Sanders' page with several posts [clears throat] is a mystery. If Buglioli is correct that these notes were not things that came out in the interview and given what we know about how he interviewed witnesses then IMO it is highly suspect that Kasabian saw this as described and also highly suspect she returned for the reason stated. How on earth could you not remember that event when asked what happened and only remember 'later'? To me, if Bugliosi's statement in HS is accurate her description at worst is fiction or at best highly unreliable. It goes like this: VB: I have this picture of a broken bush. What can you tell me about that?LK: I don't remember that?Later.....VB: The jury is going to want to know why you went back to the house and didn't run to get help. LK: Well, I, I was in shock. I don't see that right now. If I flash on it.....Later....VB: Well, if you think of anything write it down.

David said... Ziggy, I think you put your last comment on the wrong postI thought he was having a laugh at the expense of Suzy STD. I thought it was funny, anyway. Susan VD said...minus Charlie the right people are in jail, actually Linda should be too but thats the way it goesI'm reminded of an ancient biblical story in which King David knocks off a soldier's wife and gets her pregnant. To try and cover up, he gives the soldier special leave and tells him to have a grand old time and get into the clinches with his wife. But the loyal soldier refuses, asking how can he be making love with his wife while his comrades are at battle. So David gets the leader of the army to put this guy at the front of the battle in the hope the enemy will kill him, so the leader does and he ends up dying in war and King David marries the dead guy's wife.But God sends someone to let him know exactly what he thinks of it all and what he thinks of it is that David murdered the loyal soldier. According to your argument, David would be innocent because he a]killed no one and b]didn't actually tell anyone to kill the soldier. Now, whether one holds the David/Bathsheba/Uriah story as truth or myth, what's interesting is that thousands of years ago, human beings held that it wasn't necessarily the person wielding the blow that was the only one seen as guilty. You keep saying "minus Charlie" but really, one can't hold Cielo and Waverley as two separate crimes. It occurred to me the other day that in a funky kind of way, Nicholas Shreck, by making Cielo a drug crime and involving Charlie in it as MM pointed out and by pushing the "Rosemary LaBianca as LSD overlord of Los Feliz" line to the max, makes the two crimes even more of a conspiracy than the original and as such, sinks Charlie yet again.Almost however one plays it, the alternatives sink Charlie and as such, don't leave you anywhere to turn.i think Linda was more involved than she saysWell, so far, no one has ever put forth any coherent case to demonstrate it. Brenda and Sandy's 1970/71 attempts to do so weren't even laughable.As much of an unreliable entity Susan was, what was interesting was that in her last tome that she concocted with her hubby, the best she could do where Linda was concerned was to try to show that she did everything Linda had done.....Pax Vobiscum said...Put simply, I believe Sharon Tate would have fought like hell to save her unborn child or as my wife put it at the time 'she became a she wolf'I would entertain that thought had it not been to the porch she supposedly ran to.


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