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Matthew Collins

Scarface Made Full Album Zip _HOT_

Brad "Scarface" Jordan, Houston, TX native and former member of the Geto Boys is one of the most influential figures in the history of rap. From his earliest verses in the late 1980s as a solo artist, as a member of the Geto Boys, to every song on his latest album "Deeply Rooted" (2015), Scarface has always made sure to tell the stories he feels the world needs to hear. Whether it is speaking out against injustice, reflecting on his struggles with depression and his own mental health, or just telling the stories of the streets, he is one rapper you can always rely on to give you the real deal. The Source ranked him #16 on their list of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time, while ranked him #10 on its list of the 50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987-2007).

Scarface Made Full Album Zip



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