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Variation of venom proteome is relevant to basic research, to management of envenoming, and to studies on the evolution of poisonous snakes. In this study, we explored the venom proteomes of eighteen Bothrops jararaca specimens of a single litter born and raised in laboratory. Using electrophoretic techniques and various protocols for measuring the proteolytic activities of these venoms we have detected individual variability and highlighted sex-specific proteomic similarities and differences among sibling snakes. SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under non-reducing conditions showed protein bands of approximately 100 kDa specific of male venoms. 2D-electrophoresis showed regions with varying spot complexity between pooled female and male venoms as well as spots that were gender specific. Gelatin zymography showed that female venoms contained proteinases of approximately 25 kDa absent from male venoms. Female venoms were more active than male venoms in degrading fibrinogen whereas on fibrin no significant differences were detected. Among various chromogenic peptide substrates tested, male venoms showed higher amidolytic activity than female venoms on D-Val-Leu-Lys-pNA and D-Phe-Pip-Arg-pNA. Taken together, these results show sex-based differences in the venom proteome of sibling snakes of a single litter raised under controlled conditions which seem to be genetically inherited and imposed by evolutionary forces.

Deaths of Irwin Beadle, 1882, Mrs. Martha Adams, 1882, Mrs. Irwin Beadle, 1886,David Adams, 1886, Mrs. Erastus Beadle, 1889. Erastus Beadle retiresfrom the firm, 1889, and goes to Cooperstown. Five new"libraries" started in the eighteen-eighties.

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I would like to have a talk with you. Maps and hurriedly-written letters give so little idea as companies with sight and hearing. The yellow fever has been a terrible obstacle to the works about this place. On my arrival here six weeks ago everything had been at a stand-still for a long time and almost all had to be reorganized. For Caswell, being a fort of the old United States, seems to have been considered finished and perfect (probably out of regard for General Totten), and was not strengthened. I am building iron casemates as fast as I can. A battery which I put up eighteen months ago to command the bar was taken down, I believe, for fear it might be taken and used in the fort.

From thence we were conducted to the ruins of an antient amphitheatre,Page 380within the walls of the bailiff's garden. The general form and size of this building remain tolerably perfect, as also some parts of the walls which enclosed it. The diameter of the arena might be about eighty yards, as far as we could judge by pacing it; which must necessarily indeed have been a very uncertain estimate: for, one of the former bailiffs filled up the hollow with a considerable quantity of earth, in order to plant it with fruittrees; wisely conceiving, I suppose, that to have good fruit was of more value, than to be able to determine the precise extent of all the antient amphitheatres that ever existed. Under a tower (part of which is built of Roman materials) is a cell of about 24 feet by eighteen, and nearly 20 in heighth, from whence the animals were probably let loose upon the combatants. On the outside are still to be seen the remains of five dens: and all over the walls, which are formed of brick and mortar, there are several pieces of rude sculpture considera


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