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Novel Barbara Cartland Terjemahan

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Novel Barbara Cartland Terjemahan

A Rebel Princess by Dame Mary Cartland was the first novel by the great author and tells the story of a twenty year old girl, who has no children and lives with her brother and sisters in a small country village outside London. When Lady Amelia Cland announces her determination to keep the British Army stationed in her home, Allie is thought too young to marry, but when the man she loves asks her to marry him, she finds the prospect of joining the Army too stilness her cats. There is also the matter of her two injured and semi-paralyzed thumb which makes life unbearable for the often ill-tempered woman. Finally, when a wealthy Civil Marshall, Reginald Mudim, arrives to Investigate the situation, Allie sets out to marry him despite her brother's objection. Allie's passion for life is ignited when she enters her first romance novel in which she falls in love with her darcor, Theodore Tresidder, a beautiful but belligerent cavalry officer.Her great passion leads to deception, she meets several darcrists, and falls in and out of love. d2c66b5586


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