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Shinobi Striker: Naruto and Boruto Team Up in this Amazing APK Game

Stick Shinobi introduces several fighting stages, in which you and your warriors will be taking part in different levels, from bottom to the top. Starting from the Green Jungle, this condition appears to be nicely suitable for fresh Shinobi, but it could become more serious when you go deeper. You may not only find it struggling in The Forgotten Sand Valley, but unstoppable combats will make you and the shinobi unrested in The Accumulate Mountains! Better prepare yourself because a moment of carelessness could result death!

Shinobi Warfare is a game application which lets you create and customize your own shinobi, strengthen it with different set of skills, weapons and more accessories to level up and compete each other.

shinobi apkpure

As an Uchiha, Fugaku had very strong chakra. Even more, he was considered to be a rare genius,[10] whose nickname of Wicked Eye Fugaku made shinobi of other nations tremble. His talents were considered comparable to Minato Namikaze and the Sannin, even viewed as a prime candidate to become Fourth Hokage.[3] His abilities were so advanced that even his elder son Itachi, a prominent member of their clan at the time, hoped to avoid fighting such an opponent.[5] Fugaku stood out as one of the shrewdest security captains throughout the generations.[11] He was also shown to be highly observant, able to quickly determine when he was being spied on from afar.[7]


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