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Mature Sex Lines


Every adult chat line has a different community with different kinks and sexual interests. Adult phone line companies explore hot phone sex, phone hook-ups, flings, and naughty fantasies. The best way to pick the right phone sex line is to identify your reasons for using the phone lines, and call one that matches your needs. So start browsing our list of adult chat lines and read what each offers in terms of caller communities and experiences.

Your recorded greeting message is your public profile on the adult chat line roulette. Recording a good or bad greeting message will determine your chances of finding a chat line date that compliments your personality and needs. On the adult chat lines, we always suggest recording your sexiest voice to seduce and captivate callers. Also, be simple, direct, and to the point by limiting your recording. 45 to 55 seconds is ideal. Be substantial by recording what's essential for you, such as your expectations and what you're looking for.

All the free phone sex lines on our list have a free trial number, which you can use to chat with local adults for free, experience hot phone sex, and play out your fantasies with a stranger. The free minutes start running when you connect with a caller and stop when either of you hangs up or leaves the chat room. Some adult hotlines offer as much as 60 free minutes, and you have the option to use all or only some of the minutes in a single call. Utilize the remaining minutes on your next call for another dose of sexy adult fun. The free trials usually expire one week after you've activated them.

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1-800 Sex Chat is a classic sex line number that connects you with live actresses. These women are professionals, so they know how to get you off. These experienced gems are interested in talking about anything and everything you can fathom. No fetish is too kinky, no kink too naughty. You will be asked early on for credit card information (whereas other lines on this list let you have a few free minutes before paying up). If you are wary about the lack of free trial, you can check out the numerous positive reviews online of 1-800 Sex Chat from guys who have called in and had great experiences with the people on the line.

Nightline lets callers connect with each other for erotic or more hardcore sexual conversation. They have a customizable feature that makes it stand out from other lines. When you dial into Nightline, you have the option to select a chat category to make finding like-minded matches easier. Their name might have you believing that you can only call at night, but Nightline is available to users 24/7. Whenever you are in the mood, Nightline will be there for you. We will admit though that both the quantity and quality of callers improve as it gets later into the night. New users can enjoy a free trial.

What kind of people call sex lines?People just like you! Tons and tons of people call phone sex numbers. They are often normal folks who are looking to spice up their sex lives. Phone sex is one of the quickest, easiest, and safest ways to do that with new people.

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