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Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores

The Official Apple Mavericks Server 3 Documentation REPACK

Apple write an operating system and also produce file sharing software as part of that to be used as a file server. Apple provide documentation for third-party software developers on how they should write software to work with Apple's software and also give those developers early access to new versions so those third-party developers can test and if needed make adjustments and issue updates to cope with any Apple changes.

The Official Apple Mavericks Server 3 Documentation

Install macOS High Sierra with Clover - If the "official" tutorial isn't enough, this quality tutorial from well-established Mac site Mac Observer may be exactly what you need. The same author also covers the hardware components that he selected for his Hackintosh, which he has named "Valtur."

If you run into any problems installing and/or using MacPorts we also have many options to help you, depending on how you wish to get get in touch with us. Other important help resources are our online documentation, A.K.A The MacPorts Guide, and our Trac Wiki server & bug tracker.


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