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Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli: A Collection of Piano Pieces for Beginners and Intermediate Students

Antologia Pianistica is a collection of piano pieces composed or arranged by Giuseppe Piccioli (1892-1967), an Italian pianist, composer and pedagogue. The collection consists of two volumes, each containing 24 pieces of various styles and difficulties. The pieces range from easy exercises and studies to classical and modern compositions by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Bartok and others.

The aim of the collection is to provide piano students with a progressive and varied repertoire that can develop their technical and musical skills. The pieces are selected and edited by Piccioli himself, who also provides fingerings, dynamics, articulations and other indications. The collection is published by Curci, a Milan-based music publisher founded in 1860.

Antologia Pianistica is widely used by piano teachers and students in Italy and abroad. It is considered a valuable resource for learning and enjoying the piano literature. The collection is available in PDF format for free download from IMSLP, a website that hosts public domain sheet music. The PDF files are scanned from original editions and may contain some errors or missing pages.

Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli is a great way to discover the beauty and diversity of piano music. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student, you can find something suitable for your level and taste in this collection. You can also listen to some recordings of the pieces on YouTube or other platforms.

If you are interested in Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli, you can download the PDF files from the following links:

Volume I:,_Giuseppe)#Volume_I_.28CA.29

Volume II:,_Giuseppe)#Volume_II_.28CA.29

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In this article, we will review some of the pieces from Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli and give some tips on how to practice and perform them. We will focus on the first volume, which contains the easier pieces. The second volume is more challenging and requires more advanced skills.

Exercise No. 1 in C Major

This is the first piece in the collection and it is a simple exercise in C major. The purpose of this exercise is to practice the five-finger position and the legato touch. The right hand plays a melody that uses only the white keys, while the left hand plays a simple accompaniment that alternates between two notes. The tempo is moderato and the dynamics are piano throughout.

To play this exercise well, you should pay attention to the following points:

Keep your fingers curved and relaxed on the keys. Do not lift them too high or press them too hard.

Use your wrist to make smooth transitions between notes. Do not move your elbow or shoulder unnecessarily.

Play with a steady rhythm and a consistent tone. Do not rush or drag the tempo or vary the volume.

Listen to the melody and make it sing. Do not play it mechanically or monotonously.

You can listen to a recording of this exercise here:

Study No. 2 in G Major

This is the second piece in the collection and it is a study in G major. The purpose of this study is to practice the staccato touch and the coordination between hands. The right hand plays a melody that uses both white and black keys, while the left hand plays a staccato accompaniment that follows the same pattern. The tempo is allegro and the dynamics are forte throughout.

To play this study well, you should pay attention to the following points:

Keep your fingers close to the keys and use your fingertips to play staccato. Do not bounce your hand or use your arm to make short sounds.

Use your thumb to cross over or und

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