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Hunter Jackson

Where To Buy Pokemon Tcgo Codes LINK

As I started browsing Twitch, a streaming platform for video games and others, I came across a section for Pokemon TCG Online. At first, I was extremely happy to see this but then I came across a team in where they share the majority of the community by hosting one another. Now, I'm not saying there isn't anything bad of hosting team members but what caught my attention was the fact they openly admit to selling/buying codes and have a site that a friend of theirs' runs.

where to buy pokemon tcgo codes

Download File:

pokemon allows the selling of the physical product, codes which comes from code cards are considered physical products. So those are treated as real cards (since they are real cards). Pokemon also has a disclaimer stating they do not have any affiliation with card prices on irl open market, so its basically do it at your own risk. 041b061a72


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